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Ground Source Heat Loop

Ground Source Heat Loop

All Stuart Well Services Ground Source Heat Loops are supplied with factory assembled and tested U-bends to ensure optimal installation times and quality on site.

Ground Source Heat Loop Single Loop Installation

All Stuart Well Services Ground Source Heat Loops are supplied with factory assembled and tested "U"-bends to ensure optimal installation times and quality on site.

Closed loop ground source systems are fast becoming the most frequently adopted ground source technique. When properly installed they are economical, efficient, and reliable. The length of ground loops varies depending on ground temperature, thermal conductivity of the ground, soil moisture, and system design. The loops are designed that should the need arise you are able to attach a pilot weight to assist on deep installations.

Stuart Well Services are able to supply pipe work for slinky designs as an alternative to ground loops, and our loops can include a 32mm grouting pipe (triple bound), saving further installation time. Please ask for more information.

Ground Source Heat Loop Double Loop Installation

Warranties are included with all our ground loops based on manufacturing, traceability and quality assurance from our suppliers, please enquire when ordering.

Stuart Well Services ground source heat loops conform to the following specifications:

  • Extruded from virgin PE100 polymer.
  • 32mm or 40mm diameter SDR11 pipe.
  • Single, double or coaxial loops.
  • Meter marked for depth confirmation.
  • Dual wound for ease of installation.
  • Tested in accordance to, BS EN12201 for use at 16Bar for 50 years.
  • We are able to supply individual or batch test certificates upon request.

  • In addition to the above we are also able to offer HDPE Manifolds, flowmeters, thermometers, pressure gauges and balancing valves and chambers these are generally bespoke made, so please contact our office to discuss further.

    Standard HDPE Manifold Setup

    Stuart Well Services have designed a cast iron Pilot Weight designed to fit in narrow wells but weighing only 15kilos for easy of manual handling they are designed with twin eyelets should you require additional weight to be added to the string to assist the installation getting the probe to depth in difficult ground conditions or if the viscosity of the drilling fluids had become too great. for the loop to penetrate under its own weight naturally.

    Our Pilot weights are 90mm Outer Diameter and have a total body length of 395mm and weigh 15 KG.

    Geothermally Enhanced Glass & Bentonites

    Glasmedia is manufactured from sustainable recycled material dried container glass (graded silicate glass sand) in the United Kingdom and diverts unwanted glass from being landfilled. During the manufacture the recycled glass is imploded using ultra sonic sound waves to produce a smooth particle shape that is not sharp; you can rub it in your hands quite safely. The glass particles are washed to ensure they are clean and free from contamination from their previous use. The Glasmedia is hot air dried and graded in to 25 KG recyclable plastic bags.

    Glasmedia is able to offer the additional benefit of contributing significant quantities of recycled materials during the development of new buildings with geothermal installations and during dewatering works, this benefit should be highlighted with your tender submissions as it may just tip the contract in your direction.

  • Thermal Conductivity of 0.9 - 1.3Watts/m/Kelvin
  • Low carbon footprint, Made in the UK
  • Diverts unwanted re-melt glass from landfill
  • Less dense than sand, 15% less media required
  • Smooth particle shape is less susceptible to bio-fouling (bacteria trapping)
  • Bound silica content provides no health risk
  • Superior permeability over silica sand.

  • Bentonite Sealing Pellets

    As encouraged by the Environmental Agencies, Bentonite sealing pellets are used to create a gas, air, and watertight seal at the surface of the installation to stop the ingress of contaminants migrating.

    Extruded Bentonite pellets are prepared from naturally occurring high purity Montmorillonite, sodium activated Bentonite. Contained swelling 40% free volume > 500% (48 hours). Retarded swelling onset 15 minutes.

    Approximate dimensions 10mm diameter 5-15mm in length.

    Geo seal

    This product is best suited for deep multiple installations. Super seal has been specially formulated grouting clay to provide a superior borehole seal, however it is easy to mix and when mixed with water and sands gives a combined thermal conductivity of 1.86 watts/m/Kelvin Super seal, is a low swell and slow yield with no flash set, making it ideal for use in Geothermal and sub soil sealing as it has a long working time and can be mixed easily using a wide variety of paddle or cyclone mixers and can be pumped using either a moving diaphragm or piston pump.

    Super seal, provides excellent borehole sealing and fluid loss control, and has long term stability and resistance to drying and because it remains plastic it will deform as the land moves and still maintain an excellent seal on the loop.

    SwellTight Cement Bentonite Pellets

    Cement Bentonite (2:1 ratio) extruded pellet. Montmorillonite Bentonite blended thoroughly with proprietary ordinary Portland cement.

    Please note that ground source heat loops are not stock items.

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