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Pumps and Pumping Equipment

Air Sparging

We stock a range of pumping equipment to allow efficent sampling of groundwater.
Products include Disposable bailers, Purging Pumps, Whale Pumps, 12V Groundwater sampling pumps and more.

Caprari Pumps

Air Sparging

Electrical submersible borehole pumps manufactured by Caprari are the pumps we routinely use on our own dewatering contracts and we are now able to supply these pumps at very preferential rates to water well drilling contractors.

Unsure of what you need? Download our pump selector form and email it back to us.

If you let us know what length of cable is required together with the power source (240v or 415 v) you have on site we can come up with a total price for you.

We can also supply the other components required , starting capacitor for single phase applications riser pipe either MDPE or Sure-Loc together with well heads pressure switches and of course the well liners.

Please telephone or email for a total delivered price and availability.

Pumps & Pumping Equipment

A range of pumping equipment is available from Stuart Well Services to allow efficient sampling of groundwater.

For shallow wells, up to 30 metres in depth, two options are available: Disposable Bailers and Whale Purging Pumps.

Disposable Bailers

Disposable Bailers

These simple bailers are inexpensive and will obtain water samples from almost any depth. A sample of water is collected within the bailer lowered from ground level. When full, a ball valve seals the bailer allowing the water sample to be removed. Depth of sampling is only limited by the length of string.

They are available in 40mm diameter and 18mm diameter sizes and are manufactured from high-density polyethylene.

Whale Purging Pumps

Whale Purging Pumps

Whale Purging Pumps provide an easy to use economical solution for sampling wells to a depth of 27 metres.
The diameter of the pump is 40mm and is ideal for use in larger monitoring wells.

The pumps are powered by a 12-volt DC power supply (car battery) and come complete with power leads with alligator clips.
Three versions are available - the Whale Mini Purger, which will obtain samples from 9 metres below ground level and the Whale Super Purger for wells up to 18 metres in depths, whilst the Mega Purger is 27 metres below ground level.

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12V Groundwater Sampling Pumps

Key Features Include:

  • Pre-assembled with heavy gauge cable and alligator clips
  • 12V DC Operation (car battery)
  • Lower current draw for more efficient performance
  • Tough plastic construction
  • Flow rates up to 3.5 GPM (US)
  • Pumping depth up to approximately 30 metres
  • 12mm reinforced hose for riser pipe available

Whale 12 Volt Submersible Pumps

When ground water levels exceed 20 metres the Whale P series pumps are particularly suitable allowing sample taking to a range of 27 metres, easy to operate only needing a 12v power source. With these pumps an end user has the ability to sample up to 15 l/min. Recommended by us we can advise on the best unit for your job.

For more information on this industry leading Whale product series, please Contact Stuart Well Services.


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